November Nine 2015

2015 November Nine

2015 November Nine

Joe McKeehen – 63,100,000 

Zvi Stern – 29,800,000 

Neil Blumenfield – 22,000,000 

Pierre Neuville – 21,075,000 

Max Steinberg – 20,200,000 

Thomas Cannuli – 12,250,000 

Joshua Beckley – 11,800,000 

Patrick Chan – 6,225,000 

Federico Butteroni – 6,200,000


I love this game, it’s sort of my career
Face glued to the screen, in  one seat.
Long time coming I hear
They all look tough to beat

The final table with 63 million.
Joe McKeehen could start a cult.
More and some action
The reaction being at fault.

All your help. Your voice matters
That’s the program to win millions!
When it comes to one liners

Made the best hand a couple times,
Get stable internet in the room.