The Trump Gang – Psychotic, Sycophantic and Grotesque.

Donald Trump Punk Rocker

Donald Trump

The men who are running the show for Donald Trump are Julian Assange, Vladimir Putin,  Chris Christie, Roger Ailes, Stephen Bannon, Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich! 

The Trump Gang are psychotic, sycophantic and grotesque. They know what they are doing as they see that a plutocratic playboy will bring about a revolt against education, science and reason and bring about a new world order.

Julian Assange – hates Hillary Clinton and seems to be coordinating the hacking and cracking accounts for the Russian secret service.

Vladimir Putin – need to have a patsy in the Whitehouse so that he can rebuild an empire based on the old Soviet Union and Warsaw pact countries.

Chris Christie – will lose the governorship in New Jersey and need to get a new job based on his obvious talent for legal spinning.

Roger Ailes – sexist moron who had panache for right wing propaganda. Thought he could get away with ‘family values’ and sexual blackmail.

Stephen Bannon – a deranged individual looking to create a US style fascist state.

Rudy Giuliani – complete political hypocrite with a heart of stone.

Newt Gingrich – A high pitched shrill who got sacked by his own party for being a hypocrite.

These are the guys looking to turn the imperfect idea of democracy based on Abe Lincoln  “government of the people, by the people, for the people” into  “government of the plutocracy, by the plutocracy, for the plutocracy“. This would be amusing, except there are enough lowly educated people willing to let this happen.

Sonnet For President Number 45

Election 2016 in one headline
Action, just in the nick of time
This is fine. everything is fine
More amnesty, more crime.

She doesn’t do it for free.
Excuse not to answer FBI questions
An immigrant during a stabbing spree
Main stream media limited mentions

Country economy is not on a surge
Wall Street and the hedge funds are free
Without mentioning the regulation iceberg

They can’t help themselves.
Elite system right here
Lets create some new slaves.