Ladcrooks Irrelevance


The once great sports bookmakers is continuing to devalue their brand with the spamming of dodgy links to ensnare more punters to their scam.

The inexpensive marketing strategy has worked and will work because they will take money out of your account if you do not bet with them because their odds are so unattractive.

If you need further evidence just do a random search on Twitter or the web and see examples of bets dishonoured.


  • FormerLadbroeks Employee

    Your source of information “Twitter” is very reliable!
    I would advise that you keep following it for Gambling news and bets! LadbrokesCoral is the Biggest UK bookmaker at the moment, and if you do not like their odds there are plenty of others, I don’t see why the post. Or maybe to get some of the Ladbrokes haters traffic :) Nice one

  • PokerKnave

    As a former Ladbrokes employee you must have seen their dodgy practices close up.