Bluest Of Blue Monday

Blue Moon On Monday

Waning Gibbous Phase

Today has been analysed by those who do these things, to be the worst day of the year for millions of people.

The reason being it represent the lowest point for your bank balance because of the Christmas and New Year spending, unless you are a non-Christian or a non-partying alcohol drinking person.

So for those who have spent too much on this day here is something to make you happy and sad at the same time. It is a poem about the waning moon technically called Waning Gibbous Phase, and, how it can help with this horrible or not so horrible Monday.

Playing Poker On Blue Monday

Is that what she said
Of my ignorance on this point
Your purpose when mislaid
Stop playing poker this is not a complaint

No! Carry on increase your indigestion
Bum it, I’ll be out on my ear
After the walk to the station
Glad you are beginning to hear

Another job jobbed
Bottle-shaped just squares
Humming Mack the Knife until bed

You need to move from the desk
Sounds moving through the air
Being carved to look grotesque.

New Order – Blue Monday

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