The Punk Rock President Takes Over

Donald Trump Punk Rocker

Donald Trump

When I declared that if Donald Trump wins the US election he would effectively become the first ‘Punk Rock President’ to have taken over a major society. I truly hoped that what I was writing would be seen as hyperbole, just my usual over the top writing when I am bored with playing online poker. 

However, America had other ideas and decided that the country could do with a anti-science, anti-good manners, anti-muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-moral president. Let me be clear a person who admits that his university was dishonest and still will not reveal his tax returns because it will show things which he does not want his people and his enemies to know about is not a man to be trusted. Honestly why would you trust someone who is not a straight forward and true?

Hillary Clinton called those who backed Trump as ‘Deplorables’ effectively equivalent to those punk rock fans who literally spat into the face of their favourites and went out of their way to upset the establishment or the elites. The Deplorables see nothing wrong in Trump being outrageous because they have no respect for the leaders who let the bankers get away with destroying the economy, but still emerge intact to make even greater money now than they did when Lehmans Day blew up on September 15th, 2008.  

They saw Barack Obama as the guy who would change everything but he only saved the corrupt capitalist system that gave us the nonsense of Lehmans Day. Yes it was the safe option, but, many of those who voted for him wanted a black guy to rip it up and start again. all he did was create a semi-national health system which although good was not what a large proportion wanted. They wanted a bonfire and a revolution. This gave those with nefarious ambitions to play up the race and communist theory and do absolutely nothing to help the middle class and working class.

Trump being the hustler he is had the perfect antidote to a government run by a safe pair of hands – political action as performance art. This art movement is now referred to as ‘The Birther Movement’. The Birthers believed that Obama was born in Kenya and was a Muslim inspired communist who was sneaked into the presidency to destroy the American society. 

Yes it complete nonsense, but so was the banking crisis of 2008 when losses were socialised but the profits privatised a complete butchery of capitalistic principles and a unique example of a corrupt robber baron society.

Trump led the birther movement for all its worth cementing his leadership position of what is now known as the alt-right but used to be generally called, right wing neo-fascist. Trump is not a stupid man, but, he is a amoral person and will do anything to get what he wants even lie and behave despicably in public. He even said that if he shot someone in the street there are people who would still vote for him as president.

At first I and others loved this as we piled on The Magical Tipster’s 7/1 for Trump to get the GOP nomination but this was in the sense that the American citizens would see through his bullshit and not give him the nuclear codes and leadership of the democratic world. How wrong could I have been?

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The Magical Tipster tipping Donald Trump

In the end I firmly believe that Donald Trump was not expecting to win the presidential election. Why else would Donald Trump continue his thin skinned, narcissistic, pro-Russian behaviour?

The only other theory that makes sense is that he is in the pocket of Putin and his Russian mafia gang as alluded by the secret service. Obviously Trump denies any such thing, but this then begs the question hy wont he release his tax returns. Those in the establishment know the truth but yet we the general public are not sure and have to read between the lines. 

In fact I stopped The Magical Tipster from predicting that Trump had a chance of winning the presidency. Why did I let my prejudices get in the way of profit? Fear! Fear that the prediciton would come true, fear for the youth of tomorrow being burned by a selfish nut case, fear of his relations with a Russian hooligan looking to re-impose the USSR model for Eastern Europe, fear that fascism in the USA getting a hand up by a egotistical numpty. 

All these are real reason just look at the way he behaved when the Hollywood ‘A’ listers refused to play to his tune. It was like a toddler having a temper tantrum.

We do not need this, but, the American derangement syndrome which came about when the American original sin coming against the first African American president is so strong that it produced The American First Punk Rock President. All hail the chief.

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