Rational Love

Good Samaritan

The Only Sign Of True Love Is Helping Your Neighbour.

After the terror by a man with a car and knives, it is time to reiterate the need for humans to value rational thinking and unconditional love. 

Rational thinking will always reject that one person’s faith has greater value than another. Unconditional love is the irrational loving for someone we don’t know.

Rational thinking can only lead to one conclusion that super-natural belief can only go so far and has limits if you want to create new medicines, technologies and thought. However, rational thinking on its own will lead to death and hurt.

Rational thinking will always be interrupted by basic human prejudice and foibles. The people who pursue policy based on rational thinking will almost never go against their own needs or ideas. Thats why we need unconditional love.

Unconditional love maybe a view point of those liberation christian such as liberal Quakers and radical Catholic priest in South America, but, they’re are from a tradition that automatically help people they do not know because it is their duty to help those people in harms way. 

If you do not like the christian link just think of any movement that does not have a version of ‘universality love’ and I will show you a movement based on hate and destruction.

So based on the two great strands of human sensibilities – rational thinking and unconditional love we will ultimately have a sane and just society. It is a question of wanting to have a sane and just society.

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