When Deuces Are Ace

A Pair of Dueces Made Scott Blumstein WSOP Champ 2017

A Pair of Dueces Made Scott Blumstein WSOP Champ 2017

Sometimes those pesky two’s are well worth playing. Even the legendary worst hand in the world 72’s are worth it.

Usually the time to play them is when you are seriously ahead or seriously behind, and Scott Blumstein the 25 year old former student was well ahead in the final hand of the WSOP 2017. 

Clearly Daniel Ott did not realise when he went ‘all-in’ with an ace of diamonds and an eight of diamonds that it would be his final hand because Scott Blumstein had to call with ace of hearts and a two of diamonds.  The deuce came out on the river giving Scott Blumstein a pair and therefore the best hand.

I have had similar experience with deuces becoming big player when you are in trouble or in a massive lead. It is funny that you remember those lucky hands than give you big rewards.  In the analysis of the final hand on the final table, Daniel Ott was a massive 1/15+ favourite before the river and he lost. But never mind Ott still had $4 million+ to keep him company on those terrible nights thinking about coming second in the biggest poker tournament in the world.

Scott Blumstein  WSOP 2017

Scott Blumstein WSOP 2017