The Value Of Life

Josef Stalin

Josef Stalin

With the death of Charlie Gard and the brave attempt from his parents to give him the best chance for survival, you could not help but feel the strength of Stalin apparent quote that  Josef Stalin was supposed to have said “…When one man dies it’s a tragedy. When thousands die it’s statistics.” 

Charlie Gard’s parents managed to raise £1.6 million to send him to America for treatment. This attracted the attention from The Pope, Donald Trump and other band wagon jumper onners.

Yet there are thousands of babies dying everyday for the lack of clean water and other extremely basic needs that cost pennies and not millions to sort out. So where are the crazy lunatics screaming about this outside courts and hospitals? Simple, it is not glamorous or ‘hot’ where as Charlie Gard gave licence for all sort of religious, political and plain drama queens to make a statement for what ever they feel needed to be made.

You cannot blame the parents, but, you can blame those in position of leadership such as Trump and Pope Francis to not stoke the fire of collective delirium.  

Trump was the funniest one of all. In his country 1,151 babies are born into extreme poverty each day which will make their life expectancy very limited. Why not sort that statistic out?

Well he dosen’t because it is not as pretty as a dying baby with grieving parents desperate for help and having great TV ratings.