Exploiting Princess Diana

Princess Diana

Princess Diana

It is coming up to the 20th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana. So, let everyone exploit the ‘Queen of Hearts’ for she was a pretty woman and she did a lot of media stuff which was really savvy.

So why the world go gaga over the anniversary and even Donald Trump is accused of trying to bed her I have one of my tedious poems to shove down your throats.

Queen of Hearts, Knave of News

TV programmes coming up on the 20th Century
Show proper entertainment about death
Tease me with more gossip
When she was inside the tent

Had the same style for decades
The best eyebrow pencil ever
But never enough episodes
Always keep making music, never

It’s on again enjoy your night in
Looking forward to the misadventure 
Obvious dodgy speech therapist sell out

On the meany princes 
Give them a cuddle
Feel left out Camilla, cheers.