Beat Evil With Ratings

Donald Trump Punk Rocker

Donald Trump

For those who read this blog from the beginning it will be apparent that I believe politics is nothing more than a gigantic poker game. A poker game in the sense that psychology, emotions, belief, insight, science, numbers, skill, communications, body language etc etc  are all involved. Then along came Trump and he has made it all very easy, TV ratings is the thing.

He never thought he was going to win the election, although Russia thought he had a chance. So now he is in position what will the ‘win’ for him and his supporters? Numbers.

Therefore bang on about Obama getting better viewing figures, read more New York Times and Washington Post, click on Keith Olbermann videos, follow MSNBC Twitter accounts, bet on NFL games, listen to Stevie Wonder records, eat Middle Eastern food, walk on anti Trump protest march and probably most important register to vote. 

You see simple things like viewing figures will hurt the f*cking moron more than anything else. He is that pathetic.