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Donald Trump - Birther In Chief

Donald Trump – Birther In Chief

The man baby is now going to suspend the first Amendment because he does not like the stories that newspaper and news organisations are writing about him! This coming from a guy that for 5 years said he had evidence that President Obama was born in Kenya. 

Please, please, please Congress, representative, mayors, governors and all sort of elected officials you have to stop this nutcase before he manipulates a position in which he can carry out this threat.

He is basically a poker player on full tilt and this is not good. Here is a poem in case my message do not get across.

Why This Is Pathetic

Do you know what he was talking about
Will he hold Theresa May hand
He is thin skinned of course he’s lashing out
America must finally understand.

Kelly at least is far more vigorous
Got rid of other unapologetic racists
Such a good answer made him jealous
End all allegiance to white nationalists

It’s a very fine thread
Lost the popular vote by 3 million
4 million illegal votes, we laughed

Educate yourself with it, on the nose
Evangelicals better than the pope
And time to despise the comedy golden goose