Poker Inner Vision

poker innervision

Poker Inner Vision

How to be a better player is always the question every poker player will always ask themselves. You can pay big bucks to get help from poker mentors, sport psychologists and other connections. It is an attempt to dampen down the side of your personality that cost you money and is the point that you either succumb to your demons or  elevate yourself to another level for winning.

I at time have tried to use science such as the PokerKnave rule for playing a pair of jacks as your hole cards. The formula P = ( 1/3S – C)/R, where P is the pot, S is the stack, R is the raise and C is the seating arrangement and position of play. This method came out of the blue and has been a reliable formula since 2010 (Trial of Knave)! The problem with scientific solutions to personality weakness is the fact that you will lose all human contact and rely on online poker and AI, which is OK but pretty soulless.

Some try mysticism and take up activity such as yoga, religion, etc. This can give you peace, however, it can give you so much alternative happiness that you end up going native and lose interest in beating your opponent and taking their money. This applies to taking drugs like beta blockers or caffeine infused pills that keep you going while under pressure. You can end up being dependent on them like a alcoholic to alcohol or coke head to coke.  

So what is the answer? I find a mixture of science (NASA website I find helpful), music and yes a milk chocolate drink with a dash of whisky in it helpful but only at a critical stage such as the ending of a tournament. Why? I don’t know and it may give away small tells such as confidence in knowing my fellow players, but it has worked for me so far.

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