PoolKnave Suggestions

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While we are creating the PoolKnave.com website why not take advantage of Casino 770 offer of a free £25 play on their games? There is no deposit to be made and any winnings you make is yours! Make sure you use the bonus code EPA. Click the banner for access to this great offer.

This promotion is only for pool players who are 18 or over and online bingo, casino and poker is legal in your country.

We are still after more suggestions on the development of PoolKnave and if you have any point of view then let us know. The PoolKnave website will be a ‘news exchange’ service and aims to be a service to the wider pool community. Some that have already been received:


1. Fantasy Pool League – based on the popular football and horse racing formula pick your team based on present form and possible future form. Challenge for the ultimate prize of Fantasy Pool Manager of the Year.

2. Challenge Match Up – fancy your chances, well why don’t you make your statement in this section?

3. Equipment Review – see what the experts, ie you think of the latest equipment.

4.  Thinking of going to a tournament why don’t you share do a car share and save some money, protecting the environment at the same time.

As you can see there are many things that can be shared and discussed so let us know your ideas.

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Dobber Talks About The New Concept Of ‘PoolKnave’

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