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  • My wife is leaving because of my lies She'll regret that, now I've passed my NVQ in Astronautics and Space Exploration with top grades!,
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  • Manchester City are like the Ebola virus No threat in Europe...,
  • Nice try, Clooney "wedding." I know a casino heist when I see one.,
  • Finally, George Clooney got married this weekend in Venice ... breaking the hearts of ugly, delusional women all over the world.,

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The Daily Digest #65

Added on May 31st, 2009 by pokerknave
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An edition about talent and what you do with it. Some on the verge of greatness and hopefully a trouble free life. One had greatness and dived into the world of cocaine, ending up in jail. One never had talent, been in jail but now on the verge of greatness!


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