Another hard luck story at Not The World Series of Poker!

For those who have been taking interest in NTWSOP, you will be intrigued in the Herculean efforts that have been put into teaching casual passer bys the rudiments of poker playing, and, the pleasure of calling a hand to have it beaten by a lunatic bet. Here is another one!

When you have 3 Jacks you do not expect to have someone raise you with a Ace high card well my friends it happened to me and wow what a buzz it created to see it come off. I had 3 Jacks and I played my hands so well I played it to well and was raised by a Ace. Naturally I was pleased to accommodate such a bet until a 4 turned up to give said lunatic a straight Ace to 5!

Rudyard Kipling once said in his famous poem ‘’If’’, that if you could throw your last dime on a pitch and toss and lose then you would be a man. Well all I can say to that is I would rather be a eunuch and win because losing such a hand is tantamount to being a bitch in San Quentin . To top it off my on off affair with the Mancunian married squeeze has now gone into freefall with her about to confess all to her husband, and, to top it all off Austria scored a injury time penalty to destroy my beautiful treble with Turkey beating Switzerland and Croatia beating Germany- days like these are hard to swallow.