I have actually won a tournament!

Well surprise, surprise, I actually won a tournament! Yes I beat 300+ other players for a princely sum of £6.45!

It is funny how the competitive edge takes over when you get involved in these games. I originally started out as a bored drunken bloke who didn’t get his leg over to a focused, determined manic who went out of his way to get rid of certain players because they upset me – completely irrational!

In one game a character seemed to have the ‘mark’ on me in that he could predict what move I would make before I made it, scary enough in a real poker game but absolutely terrifying in a internet poker tournament because how can you give away ‘tells’ online? Anyway the character could tell me what colour socks and underpants I had on even though he was based in Milton Keynes.

Lucky for me we changed tables and I ended up on a table where the opposition was so docile that you could bluff all day long and they would buy it – great as long as you know sooner or later someone will call you and embarrass you with your blatant lying.

The first rule of poker is to always leave the table up and never down, however, in ‘no-limit’ tournament poker it is to be the last man standing which provides a different discipline to the game and is very difficult because you have to gamble on certain cards because it’s the big odds that win.

So winning £6.45 mean that I was the biggest odds nicker amongst the 300+ players last night. Anyway stuff the money the fact was I defeated all my opponents and I kicked there ass. Oh and one thing more I got to play for free there is no way I would put my own money in a glorified sweepstake.