Is The Fun Of Playing Poker Worth The Money?

I am what is known in the poker world a maniac. I will try and bluff even the hardest player because I like to see the look on their faces when I do get it right. Yes it has cost me money but in the end, what was the point in letting some smug middle management no mark get an easy pot? The beauty of my strategy is that he will be scared of me next time we are in the same situation because he will feel he has a mark on me, but, when I do get the cards he knows that it will cost him so he then shows me respect and allows me to bluff my way into gaining my chips back because others will follow his lead – unless they do have a monster hand.

With online poker it does give you the freedom to express yourself without those Psychoanalytical mentalist getting in the way of you jumping around like a whirling dervish when your 2, 5, off suit become 2 to 6 straight on the flop and the other guy gets a Queen on the turn for 3 Queens. My method of playing poker is not for the squeamish because you will get laughed at but it is sure fun when it comes off and the other chap starts whinging like a 10 year old for the rest of the game.

Must admit however I do hate it when it happens to me especially when you know it is going on but no money on Earth will stop the crazy guy from going for it. As they say you live by the sword you shall die by the sword, but it still hurts.

I am seriously looking to revising my tactics as I have a big online poker tournament to play soon and I recently won a ticket for it. Part of me is saying play your natural game and part of me is saying don’t be stupid because getting into the money will be well worth it. My trouble is that If the game drags on and I keep getting Q, 6 and someone else is getting pairs of Tens then I will get tempted and either stay into the pot nothing that I need a queen to win or I will bluff it and hopefully he will fold or even worst I will bluff it knowing he is going to re-raise me and knowing that I still need the queen to win – harum scarum time methinks.

Whatever happens this weekend it will be the first time that I have ever won a entry into a massive tournament and it should be an experience my gut feeling is to go for it and the devil can get his reward later to be frank I could do with a massive pay day after the nightmare that was Cheltenham National Hunt festival. I hate to go on about it but those bookies know how to strip a punter of all his dignity. Wish me luck!