Pokerknave Strikes Again…..

Having walked out of a job because the office resembled something out of ‘The Office’, with all the characters represented, I decided to mess about on a $0.10 buy-in internet poker tournament and I could not believe it when I was playing with people who would not take risk! So when in a situation like this (1st place prize money a grand total of $41!) I went mad and played literally every hand I was dealt. In one hand I went all in with 8 of hearts and 5 of diamonds and hit a pair on the river, the guy who called me could not believe it and it put all the other players, who quite clearly knew and were communicating with each other into melt down – serve them right for trying to stitch up the tournament

It was pure helter skelter and I resembled a guy who was in full tilt mode however after 10 or 11 re-buys and at various stages I was down to minimum chips I found my self at the final table with the chip lead – happy days! Amazingly the players were still playing conservatively and after 5 long hours I made up my mind that there was better things to do than act as if I was at the final of the World Series and kept on with my tactic. Ultimately I made second place and felt vindicated when I took home the princely sum of $27 LOL.

With this I decided to go into another tournament which was free and guess what I had a taste of my own medicine when I was called all in while having pocket Ace’s by a guy who had Ace – 7 of diamonds and guess what he got the flush on the river – live by the sword, die by the sword. Peace!