2009 – unlucky for some…

It has started already and its only 05/01/09 – got blown out by my now ex, lost on a reveres forecast which blatantly looked like it was mine and now horrible snow which looks great in the country but looks dirty and nasty in the city.

Anyway things may be bad but they are awful if you were Donald Peters who wins the lottery after he died <link1>. I suppose if he was a family man he will be pleased that his nearest and dearest will gain the benefit of his misfortune.

Even if you do win there are always people ready to attack and try to bring you down. Just read some of the comments that have been left on a local newspaper website about a woman who spent her last £5 on a scratch card and won a million <link2> – absolutely amazing!

Anyway here is to the rest of the year and may all your flops be the nuts and you never get splashed by the river.