Interview with Poker Totty – Lea!

Lea's intro as the firat male Poker Totty is very interesting as he plays on a lot of poker websites


(Drum roll) We have our first male Poker Totty and ladies this is a good one – a business man, actor, inventor and artist! Yep have come up with the goods, and, it was well worth the wait. Welcome Poker Totty Lea Jupp!

As you know we are a poker website, do you play poker at all?
Yes I play poker on Tiger, Ultimate Bet , Facebook, Mansion, Carbon, Pureplay.

What has been your biggest win either in a tournament of a single session?
My biggest win was 8.8 million chips on Facebook. I am only a recreational player.

How often to you play poker? Play most days with friends

Omaha or Texas?

Poker Totty Lea being Mr Blonde and playing tournament poker on facebook

Lea being Mr Blonde

What is your daytime job?

I own a flooring company,  but I have a team of IT engineers working on a project for me and in my spare time I have been working on a script for a new TV game show

Can you tell me more?

Not really, but what I will say it involves sport and TV (all he has to do is include beer and a Poker Totty and he has the full house – The Editor).

Sounds good when its ready can we test drive it for you?

Of course, you will have the first interview (YES!!! – The Editor).

poker totty Lea being Mr Green

Lea being Mr Green

How would you describe yourself physically?

Physically I’m in good shape.

Got to ask you this, what is it with the hair?

Hair is a great talking point with people and I wanted to express myself and being different, like acting and being artistic!

So it’s a form of self expression? Yeah I guess so it ties in with my writing, my motor biking etc

Which designer do you admire? Designer got to be Armani.

When did you decide that being a Poker Totty maybe something for you? Looking at Becci

So Becci inspired you to be a Poker Totty how? Because she looks hot and for a man to do it is different as I’m no model

Who are your favourite models and poker players? Cindy Crawford, Daniel Negreanu

poker totty Lea as Mr Rainbow

Lea as Mr Rainbow

Why is Daniel Negreanu so popular amongst poker players?

Daniel is young and has fun playing with no fear good for all people? in every day life to over come challenges.

What sort of music and artist do you like?

All music and Eric Clapton, Queen, Pink Floyd

Do you have any hobbies? Play darts, golf, snooker, pool.

What is your favourite entertainment?

Being on holiday in the sun, or playing games/sport

Lea as Mr Blue

Lea as Mr Blue

Which cuisine do you prefer? Thai food

If you had a choice would it be a Blackberry or an iPod? iPod

Which city would you like to be in and why?

Hollywood making films

Which film actor most resembles your personality and why?

Daniel Craig bit of a bond, good fun, what you see is what you get, romantic, has dark side, bit of mystery

Thank you Lea…

Thank you Jack.