The Daily Digest #22 presents a new and improved version of the Daily Digest. This edition has the video of when snooker player Mark Selby was served a writ by his former manager George Bamby during a match in The Welsh Open live on TV.

There is also a video of fugitive and alleged drugs trafficker Paul Makin having a heart to heart with his wife Laura Makin on The Jeremy Kyle show – a sort of sub-prime Jerry Springer type program.

Finally, there is more stuff of children having babies and the latest news of betting in the £500,000 Maisie ‘Who is the Daddy’ Juvenile Stakes with a major plunge on Alfie Patten who is now 4/6 favourite after being a 3/1 4th favourite.

Quite clearly MT has no idea of what ‘financially’ is just as our hero Alfie hasn’t. Watch this glorious moment of crash tv.


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