First Twitter Adsense Blocker

Here is a challenge for all Twitter fans out there. Who will be the first to build an Adsense Blocker as Google circle Twitter with aims to eat up this nugget of technological silliness and fun?

I must admit when I first heard of Twitter I thought it was another Second Life type hype aimed at people who have nothing better to do. However, since then I have not only been converted but I am now an enthusiast.

As a poker playing reprobate and degenerate I love the ability to advise punters on ways of bucking the system and making it difficult for bookies and other turf accountants to make money out from the great unwashed.

Likewise with online poker websites, Twitter makes it easier for the latest deals to be announced and help drive down the rakes and graft from poker rooms. This is all good why? It helps stop poker rooms from getting complacent, opens the market for more players and hopefully produce more innovations such as free poker, better technology etc.

This will all end if Google has its way. I do not blame the guys who invented Twitter for taking the money and running – fair play to them, but, you know what will happen once Google has its hand on Twitter, the ads will appear which relate to the subject of your tweets.

So in my case I will be inundated with poker room/tournaments/offers which will not be to my benefit. Because all the money for the players and the affiliates will go to Google – as if they need anymore. Therefore it will be in my and other online poker player’s interest to help develop an ad blocker so hinder Google in their quest for world domination.

Come on all poker playing peasants get of your knees and join me in this good and noble task of preparing for the day when our ability to twitter without hindrance comes to an end. There must be some hot shot programmers who can design a system to block Adsense adverts from appearing on Twitter. I know I am jumping the gun a little and I know I am biting the hand that feed me, but, in this day of post Thatcherite/Reagonomics era ‘Greed is no longer good’ and ‘The meek shall inherit the earth and the mineral rights’.