What is your favourite starting pairs?

At the moment middle pairs are my favourite starting hands, because, I tend to earn more with them than I do with premium hands such as Aces, Kings, Queens and the big slicks (AK’s).

I have noticed that with middle pairs if no picture come out then people are more willing to bet or even raise and if you are sitting on trips then happy days. When you have premium pairs and a picture comes out and can be quite difficult to extract more money.

Obviously with middle pairs you run the risk of getting them beat but in the end if you are nicely chipped you can afford to be extravagant and play your hand.

Also, if the flop produces a picture against your middle pair because of the spread of combinations you can usually find that your on a straight draw as well as going for trips. So all in all if I have a nice stack please give me pairs of 10’s all day long.