Bathtime with Natalie!

Read Natalie’s first interview

If you get a chance to interview a ‘Poker Totty’ why does a game of poker seem…well a waste of time. Seriously, poker is cool but getting a chance to work with really nice people like Natalie is a job worth doing in my book. Maybe I am a little bit biased as working with nice people who are also hot kinda makes life a lot more fun. Interviewing Natalie is not work its just a nice way to chill out.

Hi Natalie, what have you been up to?

Just the usual really, nothing that exciting. Just looking after my little boy and organising more modeling shoots, I have got a glamour shoot coming up where I`ll be wearing see through tops etc and I have got a commercial shoot in the next 2 weeks where I will be modeling some Italian designer handbags.

Wow you’ve been busy tell me more about your photo shoots?

The last shoot I did was a very sexy bubble bath shoot, it was great getting all wet and soapy and the pictures are fantastic. We are already talking about Part 2.

Well to say I am not interested would be a lie. When will we see these new pictures?

I can e-mail them over when this interview is wrapped up.

Cool! As you know we at pokerknave have been looking at new angles for online poker and one of the suggestions is online strip poker, if you had a chance to play against anyone in the world who would you pick to play strip poker against?

Ooohhh that`s a toughie but it would definitely have to be Angelina Jolie, I think that would be pretty hot.

Absolutely, what is it about Angelina Jolie that would makes you hot?

She is just so beautiful and sexy, the sexiest woman alive no doubt. Pictures of us playing strip poker would be hot.

Many thoughts are running through my head right now, however, which other person or persons would you play strip poker with?

I think it would be good to have a strip poker game with the other Poker Totty girls.

OK, well when we have sorted out the technology maybe we can arrange a game – would you be up for that?

I definitely would 🙂 all the Poker Totty girls in one room, would definitely be interesting.

I am on the case right now 🙂 What other themes are you working on for your future projects?

For one shoot I am going to go for the business woman look in a board room, then I hope to go down some other routes such as nurse etc, I still need to find out my Playboy bunny outfit too, that would look great for the beginning of strip poker.

Maybe a Poker Totty outfit could be one in which you have to strip out off could be one 🙂

Sounds like a plan! I would love to wear a Poker Totty outfit, a figure hugging number.

Playboy Bunny is copyrighted however.

You`re right, a Poker Totty outfit it is then 🙂

What would you suggest as a tasteful but sexy outfit?

Maybe a short, tight figure-hugging vest top and a little pair of shorts. It screams sexy but cute, there are too many tacky outfits out there nowadays.

Ok maybe with a royal theme to tie in with the ‘Queen of Hearts’ image etc?

Sounds great! Something royal looking would look great.

The setting could be a royal court with chandeliers etc then a serious game of poker which quite innocently gets out of hand and leads to a game of strip poker because of a lack of chips…?

Sounds like my kind of game! Definitely something I would love to do.

Well hopefully with all things being equal we will get something together soon!

I like it.

Thank you Natalie for this rather fun and entertaining interview.

Not a problem and will keep you in touch with future shoots.

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