More Poker Totty News.

As the clock winds slowly to the game of death one person is keeping a very low profile, and that person is Poker Totty Priscilla.

As a veteran poker player it is a fair assumption that she knows her way round the poker table. So what has she got to say about her potential tactics? Well not much really except that she is not very good at bluffing (one for the note book – editor).

So if you fancy taking on the Poker Totty then sign up via the banners or go directly to:

Priscilla Saenz

Priscilla Saenz


and type in POKERKNAVE in the bonus code.

The registration will be open from 5th June 2009 and the game begins on 7th of June 2009 @ 7pm (GMT).

Thanks again to our friends for putting on this titanic battle between The Poker Totty v The Poker World.

We have also organised another freeroll poker tournament and that is with

This has been organised for the 21st June 2009, again at 7pm (GMT), giving all those battered and bruised poker players a chance to get some revenge, and, again its all for free.

Don’t you just love the word free?