Male Poker Totty Wanted – Apply Within!

Right ladies and gentlemen, its been approximately 6 months since we had a male Poker Totty and I have been getting it in the neck about my ‘…male chauvinist pig…’ attitude about only featuring women?!!!

So I have decided to make another concerted attempt to redress this imbalance. Trust me it is hard to get guys to declare themselves as a Poker Totty although most guys think they are gods gift etc etc.

Maybe it’s squaring the circle of being good looking to look at and playing poker – I don’t know but even people I know refuse the chance of being a Poker Totty.

So what I propose is to approach women and see if they can persuade the husband/boyfriends/brother/cousins/friends to have a go at being a Poker Totty. Ask Lea our first Poker Totty he has never suffered any set back being a Poker Totty, in fact, he would say it was a positive experience.

So come on lads and lasses lets see if we can persuade at least a couple of Poker Totty.

Contact me at poker.knave[@] or us the Contact Page.

One proviso you must be 18 and have some photos for illustration.

Poker Totty Lea

Poker Totty Lea