Trying Omaha on Cool Hand Poker.

As yours truly continue to espouse the virtue of Omaha I have just received an email from Kate at about their new concept Omahahaha $1000 tourney.

For all those that have done Texas Hold Em it is about time you went and tried Omaha. It does get you thinking and it will infuriate you from time to time but the joys of playing it will be enhanced as it will also improve your regular Texas Hold Em game – it did mine…

Check out the blurb below and have a go.

Cool Hand Poker

Cool Hand Poker

Register now for our Omahahaha $1,000 Guaranteed Tournament taking place this Sunday the 26th of July 2009 at 19:00 BST.

Tournament structure:

  • $10 + 1 or 1100 Cool Points buy-in
  • Unlimited $2 (200 Cool Points) re-buys(1000chips) available for the first hour
  • $2 add-on (1000chips) available after one hour
  • $1000 Guaranteed prize pool
  • Blinds go up every 10 minutes

Take part in freeroll feeders on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 19:00 BST and on Sunday at 16:00 BST leading up to the main event on Sunday.

It’s free to enter and you get 1000 starting chips. A minimum of 10 players is necessary.


On Tuesday and Saturday at 19:00 BST, 20 seats are up for grabs in a feeder that only requires a minimum of 20 players to start. These feeders require 1 raked hand 24 hours prior to signup.

Re-buys and an Add-on available for the first 30 minutes will cost 50 Cool Points or 50 cents each, getting you 1000 chips.

Any additional prize money value over and above the seats awarded, will be handed to the next player, not receiving an entry.

Seats are limited to one entry per player so don’t miss out on this fun Tournament!!

Get playing and win, win, win!