Music for Poker

While playing online I have suddenly found myself listening to music, choosing a play list and getting angry when my favourite tune dosen’t come on at the right time.

I now found myself in the same position as those guys who wear iPhones when they are playing poker at the table. I have always wondered what those guys are listening too?

At the moment I am going back to my intellectual days when I took myself very seriously and got into trip hop in a big way. Massive Attack, Tricky, Portishead et al I find are a great antidote to the sterile environment of online poker. It helps to calm me down and focus my mind on the players. Yes it has improved my game!

Here is a fav of mine by Sneaker Pimps which was remixed by DJ Boom Boom – apparently!

YouTube Preview Image

I have started to experiment with different types of musical genre to see what effects it has on my game. The one genre I will not try at the moment is death metal just cannot see how that style of music would chill me out and keep me on a level.

Here is another one of my favourite chill out tunes Massive Attack Teardrop

YouTube Preview Image

The one thing I haven’t done is wear a music system while playing live poker. I cannot see the sense in that because you need to pick up stuff and gain information which you cannot when your senses are impaired. I could be missing a point on this issue so I will do some more subtefuge research,