Introducing Poker Totty Kate S!

Poker Totty Kate Stone plays both texas hold em and omaha

Poker Totty Kate Stone

New Poker Totty Kate Stone is more than your average girl. In fact she admits to not going ga ga at shoes, being a semi geek – she has her own website, and, best of all she understands the game of Omaha! She is truely a one off and we are so glad to have gained another star in the making welcome to Poker Totty Kate S!

Do you play Texas Hold ‘Em or Omaha?
Texas Hold ‘Em.

Have you tried Omaha?
Yes and Omaha edges are usually high but I think its more for the very good players, Texas Hold Em requires more risk taking (that’s me ha ha) and the aim is to win…a good saying is Omaha is for a tortoise and Texas Hold Em for the rabbit and well I love my rabbit:).

Poker Totty Kate S being a ninja at the poker tables

Poker Totty Kate S being a ninja

What is your daytime job?
Model and promoter published full time.

What sort of promotional work do you do?
I do car shows, bike races, nightclub events and I also promote companies to make them bigger and better.

How would you describe yourself physically?
Physically fit.

Which designer do you admire?
I admire diesel as the jeans look best on me than any other and I love jeans as I have a fab ass.

When did you decide that modelling maybe a career for you?
I decided 6 years ago, but then I didn’t push it until recently, when I won Whut u saying calendar models against around 5000 models. So, thought I obviously stood some chance :).

I bet that was a massive boost of confidence?
It was a huge boost to my confidence but I understand it as I’m a very interactive sexy teaser 🙂

Poker Totty Kate S with her umbrella - she will give you a good game of poker

Poker Totty Kate S with her umbrella

Who are your favourite models?
My favourite model is Cristina da Hart.

What sort of music and artist do you like?

I like rnb and trance.

Do you have any hobbies?
My hobbies are Facebook, making websites, photo shoots, and the gym.

Designing websites, would that make you a glamorous geek?
Designing isn’t really the right work lol as I use hosts and free sites and build from that to make my own sites

What is your favourite entertainment?
My favourite entertainment is naughty.

Could you elaborate?
Elaborate…see my website the saying is get your rocks off I like making porn and bedroom pleasures.

Which cuisine do you prefer?
British food all the way.

If you had a choice would it be a Prada handbag or a Jimmy Choo shoes?
Prada handbag I’m not like most women not into shoes.

Which city would you like to be in and why?
If I was rich New York for the shopping or London.

Poker Totty Kate S in a tricky situation especially at omaha poker

Poker Totty Kate S in a tricky situation