Love Pair of Queens, Still Hate Pair of Jacks

OK  pair of Queens are higher than a pair of Jacks, but, I always get butterflies in my stomach when I have to make a decision when playing my Jacks – do I raise and get rid of as many opponents as possible, or, do I pray for a nice flop?

With queens its easy raise, raise and raise again. Jacks raise and get called, the odds are you will lose! If anyone has a great strategy for playing Jacks please let me know because I prefer 8’s, 9,s or even 6’s than Jacks.

With Queens it is different. Depending on my stack I will play them as if I just can’t lose. All my decisions make sense, all my decisions work out. It’s as if I cannot lose. i must have lost but I do not keep records, because I do not believe it works.

Which reminds me of a recent online tournament when a mouthy guy (always chatting about crap) was giving a running commentary on the play. I went all in with a pair of Ace’s, he typed ‘what have you got 7’s’? I never answered as I hate getting involved in the drivel that is written. He called with a pair of 9’s, Why? Well he had notes on me that I went in with a pair of 7’s and he made notes to that effect – sucker!

Being The Poker Knave should be a good omen as Knave is another word for Jack but alas it is just a millstone around my neck.

End of moan.