Introducing Poker Totty Kathy

Poker Totty Kathy Cakebread likes to play poker on Facebook

Poker Totty Kathy

New Poker Totty Kathy Cakebread is a real sweety according to her photos, but when you read her interview you will realise that this young lady is a bit of a shrewdie and knows her way around the world of gaming. So as well as being a looker she can play the odds efficently. Welcome Poker Totty Kathy!

Do you play Texas Hold ‘Em or Omaha?
I enjoy playing Texas hold Em poker, mostly online on Facebook. I have won quite a few awards for it in my time and think I’ve got quite a knack at the game! I don’t know if it’s a fluke or not!

How about playing the free rolls on, that way you can earn real money for nothing?

How does that work exactly?

Poker Totty Kathy Cakebread in purple has a great winning record for playing poker

Poker Totty Kathy in purple

Well Cool Hand Poker has a load of freerolls which are free to enter but you can win real money try it out via the banners on
Cool, sounds interesting, I may try it out if I remember! Is it totally free or do you have to make some sort of deposit?

What is your daytime job?
I’m finding it hard to find a permanent job in the current climate. At the moment I am a casual pool worker for the University of Greenwich. Ideally though I would like to do something that is creative.

What sort of creative fields are you looking at?
I’m pretty good at writing so ideally I could get a job that is targeted around that.
How would you describe yourself physically?
I would say I’m slim, petite and pretty cute 🙂

Which designer do you admire?
I don’t admire a particular designer, basically if I like the look of something I buy it.

Poker Totty Kathy in the forest

Poker Totty Kathy in the forest

When did you decide that modelling maybe a career for you?

I love having my picture taken and I have many on my computer. I think it is quite creative and I really like it when an image comes out really well.

Who are your favourite models?

Kate Moss has quite a natural look to her, and the new Rimmel model (the ginger haired one) she has quite an unusual look.

What sort of music and artist do you like?

I enjoy any music that I like the sound of i.e. pop, old ballads, rnb, indie, soft rock etc.

Do you have any hobbies?
I enjoy going out with friends, shopping, reading, writing, gaming, doing a spot of gambling, going on Facebook, going to the cinema, keeping up with my favourite programmes and trying to make as much money as possible!

Poker Totty Kathy

Poker Totty Kathy

What other forms of gambling do you do?
I like to play the slots, bet on online greyhound racing, playing a little roulette and I also like real bingo and real grey hound racing. I won £13 on a 50p bet at Crayford ground once!

Do you have a system for the dogs?

I can’t say I do really I look at the odds and generally go with the one with best odds!

What is your favourite entertainment?
Playing the Sims 3.

I have been told that Sims can be very addictive, is it?
Oh yes definitely. When I play it I end up being on there for at least 3 hours. I guess it is quite a creative game in itself!

Which cuisine do you prefer?

Mostly English home cooked grub like Roast dinners and Cottage pie

if you had a choice would it be a Prada handbag or a Jimmy Choo shoes?

The shoes but only because everyone wants a pair.

Which city would you like to be in and why?

Honolulu in Hawaii (I think that’s a city?)

With your poker/gambling talent I would have thought Las Vegas was more your destination?
I would love to go but unfortunately I just can’t afford it!

I think with your analytical mindset for poker I think you must have a go?

Have a go at poker? I do try like with friends and stuff but online it costs like at least a £1 a bet and I’m pretty poor. Can’t afford to waste that much on gambling!

Poker Totty Kathy in the grass

Poker Totty Kathy in the grass