The Internet Poker Bubble

Playing poker like 7 of 9 from Star Trek is feasible, but very boring.

Playing poker like 7 of 9 from Star Trek is feasible, but very boring.

Is the online game about to go into meltdown? All the companies are offering the same incentives; all the firms are trying the same marketing strategies. No one firm is radically different. If you go on one site it is so anonymous that you could be at any site.

If like me you try different site, you could close your eyes and you could be on anywhere. The chat is just as inane, the games are just as ‘mechanical’. Unless you’re one of those super duper players who can play 8 plus machines at a time or have the patience of Job to grind out a profit then after a couple of hours you crave for human contact. If they don’t then they must be like 7 of 9 from Star Trek!

It is clear that the fishes have clocked on and are not as generous with their money as they were at the beginning of the internet poker boom. That stands to reason really, there are so many videos and reading material out there, that if you do not look at some of them by now then please give me a message and I will help relieve you of your money – thank you very much.

I have been banging on about the need for an online poker revolution to enhance the casual player’s experience. It’s like Space Invaders or Tetris – great when it came out but the graphics/format needs sorting.

Most poker firms seem to rely on a carousel method of getting new players and the customers are willing to oblige. So now there are a myriad of cake back, rake backs and bonus points all over the place.

The free rolls are getting more and more extravagant with £1 million prizes almost de rigour. However, it is beginning to look like a ponzi scheme. I just have a feeling that internet poker is going to eat itself. I have no hard and fast evidence to back my claim up just the info I hear from other poker players and people who work in the industry. The story is pretty much the same and what you have heard is what I have read and read so you know exactly what is going on.

It sounds like the poker managers do not like giving out rake backs and other incentives but do so because there is no alternative. If there is then someone would have done it by now. There is a vision but it will take a change in mindset, new regulation/laws from the US and some serious technological changes all of which is not forth coming very soon.

However if things do not change then like all ponzi schemes it will eventually collapse and that will be that. Will it end betting and gambling over the internet – nah but it will be different. Human contact is a very under-rated social activity. If it wasn’t so important then why would solitary confinement be so dangerous?

Online poker has changed the way we have fun/work/enjoy addiction, so it will not go away. The bubble created will burst but what will be left no one knows. The news that Ladbrokes is freezing staff wages for the next year is a major signal that peer-2-peer betting is making great inroads into the gaming market, and, that includes poker.

I think it is time for the players to raise their voices and demand better experience for our buck. If we don’t then why change things?