Gone Fishin…

I was shamefully fishin with my poker pupils

I was shamefully fishin with my poker pupils

I am really really bad. I have no morals or standards. Well I think I haven’t, but I don’t know at the moment?

Yes I am confused and in emotional turmoil but I can’t help myself! Let me begin at the beginning.

I have been training some new poker players the mad game of PokerKnave Turbo. In which the aim in no uncertain terms is to survive as you will ultimately have to go ‘all in” within a few hands. Now my pupils were loving this game because it meant the game finished quickly (first sin I have taught). Therefore my pupils have not learnt the art of patience (a big sin).

After this they were so pumped up that I had to reintroduce the normal poker tournament game to calm them down (which didn’t work) and they were going all in and bluffing like rampant sardines and of course I was picking them off as an Egret eating ticks of an ox (my second sin of taking advantage of my pupils).

This is very bad and if there were inspectors of poker school I would undoubtedly be struck of for bad professional practices. In the end all I can say in my defence is that at least they are aggressive and being aggressive in poker means that you will win more than you will lose. Although in my situation it also means that your master is being absolutely naughty.

Anyway music is said to soothe the soul and boy does my soul needed sorting out, as poker hell and damnation is waiting for me. Here is Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong sing about living without any responsibilities – a perfect life!

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