Lunatics and Betting

Werewolf or a woman with PMT

Werewolf or a woman with PMT

A new report from The Medical Journal of Australia confirm my view that full moons mean trouble. In the article they did some research that showed that violence increased and the nature of violence changed when there is a full moon.

This is not new the Roman word for moon is Luna and it is also where the word lunatic comes from ie mad behavior is caused by the moon. Womens pre-menstural tension is also related to the moon which can be a source of grief as many men can tell you.

Landlords of pubs will tell you that the time to get grief is when there is a full moon. Doormen also testify to this and so will gamblers.

Time and time again weird and wonderful behavior accure when playing poker, betting on sporting events. As a rule avoid tempremental animals and dont drink when there is a full moon should be the unwritten law for all gamblers.

Why am I writing this today well in my pursuit to get more money on Rage Against The Machine and being thwarted, I rejected 3 major winning bets. Accrington Stanley to beat Notts County (9/2, 5.5), Joe beating Olly for X Factor (7/4, 2.75) and Ryan Giggs becoming BBC Sportsman of The Year (7/2, 4.5) and I blame the moon, not my stupidity.

This stupidity ‘insight’ led me to play some serious online poker and guess what I lost seriously. Can I blame it on the full moon – you betcha!