The Pulling Season

Christmas is the pulling season in my book. Stuff all the guff about born in a manger as it never happened. If Jesus was born it was probably in September and not December. The only reason it is in December is that the Romans used to have a festival in December which allowed the Christians the ability to celebrate in December or whatever the month was called then.

Also Christmas is a rip off, a conspiracy to make adults spend loads of money on ungrateful youngsters in the vain hope of getting some peace and quiet in the next year. I have a simple equation for this it is called the PK Equation for Xmas – the older you get, the less presents you get, but, the more presents you have to buy.

The only good thing about the festive season is that there are loads of sex to be had and all it requires is a few simple words, some drink and some moves and away you go. Just been reading a piece of work by a scientist with the appropriate name of Dr Lovatt who studies dancing and how it can get you laid. All you really need to know is that learning the moves from Saturday Night Fever and stop listening to The Arctic Monkeys will get you in bed with more ladeeeessss. Here is to The Pulling Season and stuff the turkey.

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