Things To Do When Bored With Poker #15

Rage Against The Machine Xmas No1

Rage Against The Machine Xmas No1

Amazing scenes with Rage Against The Machine getting to number 1 in the pop charts. If the good people of the UK had followed The Magical Tipster not only did they do some good for society they would have also made some handsome profits which they will no doubt make a contribution to the charity Shelter.

It’s great when you earn money, do good for society and stick it to the ‘man’ . Maybe this should be a regular occurrence when betting on Specials Market, buy the record/make phone call etc on a complete outsider but then place half the amount onto the outsider and make a killing…

The good for society it would kill the reality tv concept stone dead, you would make a shed load of money because the price fluctuations would be enough for punters to jump on board especially the insiders who usually make a killing on these markets and it would really upset the producers of these programs as they would see that the ‘great unwashed’ are gerrymandering their trashy programs. Something of a plan methinks.

The other thing to do when bored with poker is to watch our great leaders getting the script wrong and we start with the ‘Benny Hill’ of politics Mr Silvio Berlusconi. Now Silvio is a bit of a playboy/megalomaniac/hard man of Italian politics who portrays himself as a testosterone fueled demigod¬† who is above the law and is some sort of superman. However when a mental patient smacked him in the mouth with a statue he stayed in hospital for 4 days with a fractured nose and cracked teeth – so much for the warrior prince!