Whats Going On?

Jeanie working on her next project

Jeanie working on her next project

I alluded to some strange behavior in the last couple of days, It began when I was looking forward to the festive season and actually like the idea of mixing with the other sad and deluded folks buying stuff to give away.

I even gave stuff away to charity, street beggars and carol singers/Salvation Army types etc. Listening to some nice middle aged woman banging on about this that or other church was willing and able to help me when I feel suicidal was quite comforting.

I try to keep my expenses down when it comes to charity because I am a bit of a lefty when it comes to charity and welfare I think it should come out of taxes. OK the subject of politics has reared its ugly head but its my view and thats that.

Another reason why I am not a big charity giver is that you get put on a idiots list   where other ‘charities’ buy and sell this information, bombarding you with heartfelt stories about little Mina or tiny Pedro who needs food/house/school/operation (delete where applicable). A lot of the times they Will be a deluge about some donkey sanctuary/wildlife reserve/bird habitat (delete where applicable) who are moments from destruction and need my money now. Hence my argument for government intervention and support or these areas.

Now after having your pair of jacks cracked by a nice but annoying poker buddy does not automatically make you a bleeding heart charity worker, however, my thought when it happened was that £10 could have gone to some poor kid or even a lonesome rattle snake. So I am now looking to send some dosh to a worthwhile cause every time I make stupid decisions like play bingo poker for anything more than £5! Why gamble when you do not have too? Being a gambler means being mean, why give suckers an even break?

It is not pretty and it is not nice but the world is not nice or pretty although it would be nice if it was. Which brings me to the topic of nice people doing nice thing and one of these people is Poker Totty Jeanie who has been working on her new project of helping poor and desperate children. For this she is having her foundation do a special event with some of her fellow models. More details to come but I for one will be looking forward to it as it is the period to do such things.

Anyway, Boxing Day is the day or gambling and drinking. who decided these things I do not know but it is a very good idea and I shall indulge completely and utterly. Watch out or more Poker Totty news…