What is a ‘totty’?

Hot totty - Poker Totty Yana

Hot totty - Poker Totty Yana

I was asked the question yesterday by a nice young man from India, what a totty was? He had never heard the  term and on reflection why should he have heard the term. The word totty is a colloquial term for an attractive, sexually appealing person and used for both men and women. So, a Poker Totty is a the height of attractiveness as it combines good looking people who are into poker the greatest game invented by man.

OK, I maybe biased as I do like the game of poker, but, can anyone really tell me that having a poker game surrounded by good looking people is not a great way to play cards? The endurance of a long game player is sorely tested when a totty is pitched up next to you. When a hot totty is actually playing then the test of a perfect card player is how they are distracted by beauty of the opposition and the hand of poker.

It has always been part of the game of rogues, vagabonds and scoundrels that pretty women were always part of the scene, why? Well its a great way of getting a tell on a player. If the pretty woman or ‘totty’ was actually playing it is surprising how macho men can get and will be condescending towards the woman – why because they are sexist and a misogynist is a bad player.

So for 2010 the phrase Poker Totty is going to be reinvigorated and the world of poker while still in 2.0 state waiting to be 3.0 will come to recognise that the world of Poker Tottys is the way to go.