Trial of Knave.

Knave on trial

Knave on trial

I have an irrational fear of a jacks. I almost give up on my hand the second I realise that jacks in the hole means the end of my tournament or a serious loss of chips if in a cash game.

I have therefore devised a cunning strategy to overcome my irrational distaste pre-flop for a pair of jacks in the hole and to help retain my chips if and when I am faced with this dilemma. It is a mathematical formula P =( 1/3S – C)/R, where P is the pot, S is the stack, R is the raise and C is the seating arrangement and position of play.

I put this to the test on Monday in a online game of Texas Hold Em, and, literally waited until I had a pair of jacks as my hole cards and then methodically followed the formula. Unfortunately the big variable R never happened, so the  formula has not been tested, however, initial results led to me not losing all my chips and in fact gaining a proportionally more chips. But the real test will be when the bet has been raised or re-raised.

Obviously my enemies will be reading this and thinking brilliant a sure fire way of knowing what the Poker Knave has and what to do when he bets. Unfortunately this is true and will remain so until I refine this new scientific method of overcoming my fear and loathing for a pair of jacks. The Knave Formula is on trial!