Poker Blog – Why?

I have been whinging quite persistently aboonlineut my bad, bad run on the poker tables. Usually I can grind out a winning session, but lately I have been getting my arse kicked like I was a football.

I have tried all sorts of things to rectify this. I have tried to play super tight, super aggressive, even loose aggressive, passive aggressive – OK i made that one up, but you know what I mean.

I have even tried extra curricular activities but nothing was working so I tried new age thinking. New age thinking was a disaster and although I can see why people do it, it ain’t for me. So I have tried the one thing that seems to work and that is doing a blog/s. Hey guess what it is working!

I may have struck a new concept in self help – if you are losing at poker create a blog and pour your heart out like a reality tv media bitch. It is great, you get it off your chest and your computer screen remains intact. I recommend this to everyone. If you are losing whine and moan on a blog gaining loads of abuse and your game will improve. In fact my game improve so much that I even had a chuckle when I got knocked out on the bubble…maybe I am bi polar?