Twitter and Poker



Having got over a rather expensive and debilitating period where I was losing cash hand over fist. I decided to try some new age self help things to get my poker mojo back. Eventually I managed to get it back using the most obvious tool – my blog.

As a piece of confessional medium I reclaimed my ability to bluff like a Member of Parliament and screw opponents like a call girl on crack. Another thing I started to do was twittering which I have neglected for ages as too much information. Following tweets do take over your life, but, I found that doing the odd tweet while getting beaten helped me re-focus my mind to the job in hand ie winning at poker.

I know some people who think I am asking for trouble, because being distracted is the worst thing in trying to size up your opponent state of mind and poker skill. I would countenance that it help re-invigorate my mental abilities and in the end while online my opponents cannot tell if I am twittering or not can they?

After playing a session of poker I find that writing a blog or even better doing a search for Poker Tottys help me to wind down, which reminds me we need more Poker Tottys so if you or your friend would like to be a Poker Totty then let me know. If you want a blog and try my method of coping with the strains of playing poker online then get a blog with us.