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Über Poker Totty Christina Lindley

While I wile my way through life thinking about the important issues of the day, such as why is Didier Drogba earning less than team mate Michael Ballack (£4.8 million as opposed to £5.6 million)? Also, when the bankers got bailed out did they think that they deserved the help they got? Its great to have a blog which I can write about all sorts of views and opinions.

I have managed to devise a theoretical mathematical formula for playing Jacks (P =( 1/3S – C)/R). I created new superstar models and introduce well known poker playing models to a world who did not know about them. Plus I improved my game by clearing my head from the concept that getting paralytic drunk before a game of cards was a clever way suckering your opponent into thinking you were loose, stupid and erratic.

The fact that my insatiable appetite for Poker Tottys to feature is such that I am thinking that I am obsessed! I am determined to find that new person who will go onto the world stage and follow the steps of our heroine Poker Totty Christina Lindley. Its a very esoteric thing to do, I know but imagine the reward of finding a celebrity who will kick ass in the beauty business and the poker table – what a buzz! We do have Poker Totty Aaliyah Johnson who can do the business, but, I get the feeling that poker is not her bag at the moment she is doing more substantial stuff like campaigning for consumer rights. So what I am looking for is a total newbie, a total beginner who can be encouraged to take on the best and win.

So while I go further into my quest for more Poker Totty to feature this blogging lark will be my self help shrink and record of my endeavors.

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