Olympic Poker 2010

Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

Playing poker at night i have become an expert on winter sports because the TV has been constantly on and all those women whooping and hollering while the sweep the ice after chucking a lump of stone on it has been quite amusing.

Grinding at poker can be very boring so having the odd diversion is a welcome incident. Usually i surf the papers between hands  but the Olympics is much better. I have read somewhere that some bright spark wants to have poker as an Olympic event! Well if synchronized swimming and rhythmic dancer can be an Olympic event then why not poker.

A load of unhealthy looking guys and gals with dodgy baseball caps the wrong way on their heads, with over sized sunglasses and covering their head with hoodie jumpers may not be the height of fitness, but, there is a certain amount of mental agility needed to play poker for hours upon hours.

The money angle maybe a bit of a problem but i am sure the International Olympic Committee will sort that out because they are used to corruption and fiddling expenses. So hopefully by 2024 or some far away distance Texas Hold Em and Omaha will have drug cheat expose as do the other events.

For a laugh I have been playing on websites that have a lot of Canadians and Americans on them so that i can take pot shots at my opponents especially if they have lost a major event. It is a bit puerile but poker is like psychological warfare and if you can get an advantage on your opponent then use it.

I might get booted off for bad manners but hey there are other poker sites to play on and you will never go short of online poker.

Bad etiquette can be very profitable ask the Sex Pistols or N.W.A they made masses amount of money being obnoxious so if you want to rile your opponent find out what really gets on their nerves such as bad body odour, or a food smell. If online find out if they are a Sarah Palin or an Barack Obama supporter and then give them hell. You would be surprised how these two subjects can lead to fireworks. Fireworks lead to chaos, and, chaos leads to cash. Try saying Sarah Palin maybe hot but she is daft as a brush, or, that Barack Obama is Irish and came from County Kenya in Northern Ireland.

The same applies to other countries – you will find there is always something they do not like about their country, culture or customs. Niggling at these silly little things can push a person into full tilt which is  good!

However be prepared to have the same done to your country. When this happens then you can guess what they are upto and act accordingly. The only badd thing with the strategy is when you get beaten or suck out really badly. In which case i suggest disconnecting really quickly!