Playing The Odds

Random Love playing the number games to get a hook up
Random Love

As anyone with a passing interest in poker will know that the game is a numbers game played at a psychological level. Basically play your best hands to your opponents weakness and get paid off. The one with the most chips in the end wins!

Well at this time of year when the winter apparently subsides, unless you live in the UK, and spring is in the air the hormones start to get excited and affairs of the heart become a very important topic. Some will woo the lady of their life some will look to pasture’s new.

Just as in cards if you are not getting ahead in a game it is time to find a new table or even in my case a new game entirely such as Badugi or some such exotic variation. Therefore with heart there is no difference and looking to get a taste of forbidden fruit is always a worthwhile gamble unless you are a Chelsea footballer.

Your success rate in the game of sex is dependent on your mental make up. Just as in poker a headfcuk will destroy your game and can damage you completely. So some people, men and women, have certain strategies to play the game.

There is the ‘Rod Stewart’ strategy! Stick to one type and aim to control the essential essence of that stereotype or all its worth. They do not have to be a model, slim and blond, they can be middle aged and bored, small and dominant, whatever, stick to the type and get to know your prey.

There is the ‘Pay As You Go’ method! Be the flashiest, most blingiest person in the room and the magpies will be attracted like flies to sh*t. Or play as many hands as possible going all in at the drop of a hat and sooner or later you will have a run in which you cant lose.

There are loads of method which work but the funniest one has to be ‘New Town, New Love’. When you arrive at a new game obviously no one knows who you are therefore you can play anyway you want, throw as many variables into the air and as long as you can take the odd beat you will score a prize. The reason why this has a prominent role in this post is that I was reminded of a story about a garage re-fitter who traveled the country and had a method of basically asking women for sex, but in a nice, none dodgy way and he would score time after time. Yes he would get a knock back and his success rate was roughly 1 in 20.

Now asking a women for sex will not get you anywhere if you say ‘do you want a shag’ or words to that effect. Our hero would start conversations about this that or the other and pick up on things such as does she play badminton go to the gym, is she into art etc once that has been pinpointed he would hone in and say I play badminton, like training, or, love art etc bang the the bait has worked.

Like I said it was not always successful but with a ROI of 5% not a bad investment and if it didn’t work, ah well at least he had a nice night out in a new town. The key thing in this method was that he had a reason to be away and there was a reason for having a chat. As with poker in a new game you can experiment with your hands and you can call when you know you are beaten because it is a new game. Throw enough chips in the air and you will catch a few.