Interlude From Grinding pt9

Imagine the scene, you are losing heavily, the tournament organisers have been cutting back on expenses. Another internet player has called your bet with a pair of Tens and you have 3 6’s and the ‘turn’ and ‘river’ gives your opponent a flush therefore kicking you out of the game. What would you do?

Well I must admit that I am surprised that this type of robbery has never happened before. When I started playing poker it was very illegal and the sorts of people who played poker or more correctly 3 card brag, at the time, were the sorts of people you had a row with over spilt beer. If you had the temerity to try and steal some money you ran the risk of being stabbed, glassed or both.

Nowadays the game seems to be populated by computer nerds and geeks who see it as the height of fashion to look like an extra in one of those numerously depressing vampire films. So why not steal 800,000 Euros from the European Poker Tour (EPT) in Germany, which is lying around in a bog standard hotel, being looked after by security guards straight from a temporary staffing agency.

So there you go a backdrop to Germany’s very own Oceans Eleven and its funny how life and art looks so different. Fair play to the robbers, probably some desperate East German gambler with a larger criminal plan in mind.