Re-buy Tournaments Are Rubbish!

Go all in with 7 - 2...why not?

Go all in with 7 - 2...why not?

I hate the tournament format of re-buy-ins. It is the ultimate bingo poker without any redeeming qualities what so ever.

It seems the whole point of re-buys is to ruin your bank balance and hope to get lucky with a period of all in’s until you have enough stack to then go all in again and hopefully win the prize.

I played in on tournament and got bored with folding while all sorts of idiots were going all in with rubbish hand and winning. So down to my last 1000 chips I decided to go to a bar and have a drink and the excuse I needed came up 7-2 suited. Guess what I won!  This then made my mind up that I was going to go all in until I lost all my chips.

Yes I broke the first rule of poker ‘mind your bank’ but I could not care less and went into every hand with gusto. Surprisingly I was in good shape, but, my mind was set I was going to play like a complete moron and see what happens. In the end I crashed out trying to bluff i guy who had two pair.

Once I had my 4 pints of black velvet (Guinness and cider mixed) I made a promise that if I play another re-buy, please put me out of my misery and shoot me in the face – thank you very much.