Bad Beats and Bad Bets

Poker Totty Aleah preparing for The Grand National Freeroll

Poker Totty Aleah preparing for The Grand National Freeroll on Sunday 11th @ 8pm

It is one of the things about poker that inevitably you will get bad beats and that you will make bad bets. Once this has happened you will either call your opponents donkey, smash the computer or even worst kick the cat. As new Poker Totty Aleah graphically put it in her interview about a players reaction to losing ”… he sat there with a proper sour face on him saying winner on next hand winner on next hand, I was like I’ve already won…”!

Lets be honest being badly beaten is part of poker. Being aggrieved by a bad beat is part of poker. You are not human if you don;t get angry when you get your AA’s smashed by  25off suit! So in my book a good player is when you get smashed by rubbish cards and you can hold it together not to lose your temper and go on tilt.

The one thing i have noticed about online poker is the tendency for a player who gets a bad beat will almost always go all in the very next hand! it is as if they need to get rid of the anger by becoming a kamikaze and somehow entice the player that gave him the bad beat to hand the chips back. I certainly have done this and I suspect many who read this blog has done this. That’s why I like writing this blog as it gives me a form of self help therapy when I need it and boy do i need it at the moment.

The other thing that can make me and others lose it is when we make a bad bet and we know we are making a bad bet, why is that? Why do I get myself upset that I knew I was making a bad bet but went ahead and mad that bad bet? I swear sometimes that there must be gods solely responsible for betting as it defies logic that a gambler will make a silly bet knowing they are going to lose. It reminds me of the saying ‘…for whom the gods want to destroy, they first make mad…’.

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