The Grand National

After some serious consulting with the runes, bones, stars and other mystical omens our very own man of mystery The Magical Tipster has conjoured up a special plan which is devastating in its complexity and deviousness.

There is a loads of free bets and if you have the time and inclination you can cover rougthly 35% of all the horses and more or less guarantee a bonanza. Keep your eyes out for those special promotions and take advantage of it because Saturday the bookies are to busy skimming the ;once a year punters’ to be concerned with us helping ourselves to some free money!

The horses to use in this task are:

Big Fella Thanks
Joe Lively
Cloudy Lane
Sunny Morning
Erics Charm
Arbor Supreme
The Package
Palypso De Creek
Mon Mome
Comply Or Die
Silver Birch

The biggest race in the World is about to be mercilessly promoted by all those in the racing game. Bookies, trainers, writers and everyone including their dog will have something to say. The only people who will guarantee a result will be the bookies who will go onto the Aintree course with their pockets bulging after the massive win they had at Cheltenham.

The Magical Tipster’s long range bet Big Fella Thanks is now 10/1 favourite from 16/1 and he has already selling it because he thinks it has reached the lowest it will reach.

Therefore the only chance you can have of making money is to have a go at our post Grand National Pokerknave freeroll tournament (Sunday 11th, 2010 at 8pm GMT) with our friends AWHPOKER.COM – again it is for €50 and the only way you can enter is to join up via our dedicated banner link.

So get your friends and neighbours to have a go because we are looking out for grinders to sponsor in real cash games. Great strategic play is important if you want to be staked as a horse so show us your skills