Making A Bad Move

Hitting a brick wall
Hitting a brick wall

Hitting a brick wall is no fun when playing online poker, and, boy have I been hitting those walls big time.

For some weird reason I find myself playing really well and all of a sudden I go mad and start pushing to win the big pot. Why do I do it I ain’t got a clue but I find myself doing it on a regular basis.

Its not that I ain’t disciplined. I can be really focused and studiously concentrating, then all of a sudden BAM! All in even when I know I am beat I still push forward as if I am going to magically make a winning hand.

It is really getting me down as I cannot control these senseless urges to take on mathematical certainties. I seem to make up my mind that the next hand i am going to give it some welly and do some damage. The only problem it is me that gets damaged.

I have notice that I only seem to do this when I play online and it happens when a game has reached the 3 – 4 hour mark. It is as if I have lost interest and need to end the game so I can move on and do something more worthwhile.

its not as if I am in ‘full tilt’ or anything because if my mad push pays off and it sometimes does I regain my senses and start to play a more sensible game. I have noticed that if I get some robotic individual who raises just before the button on a regular basis, I feel a need to not necessarily protect my blinds, but to call the other persons bluff and see if they have faith in the manual they have been reading.

As I am writing this blog I have just done it again and got done by a flush when I was chasing a straight. Why do I do these foolish things?