A Poker Situationist

Situationist Playing Poker

Situationist Playing Poker

Thinking outside the box is a much overused term, however, it is the thing that is needed to win at anything and that includes poker. When you are playing poker you are Managing Director, Finance Director and Marketing Manager for your game.

Managing Director – to make all major decisions with your game. Things such as online or live, which tournament, am I good enough to play at this level i have got the mug player sussed he twitches when he has a big hand etc etc.

Finance Director – is this hand worth betting half my chips on? What is the the odds of making the inside straight and is winning the pot worth the bet etc, etc.

Marketing Manager – is my table image good or bad, shall I wear a hoodie and/or sunglasses, should I show my bluff to my opponent etc etc.

With me there is a fourth position and that is Secretary and Registrar and this take place in the blogging for this site. It is like some do it yourself psychoanalysis for my play.

Maybe its my need to understand the nature of my addiction that I create and organise the thoughts in my head then commit them to the Internet for some sort of purge from my memory bank. i am a total ‘situationist’ in that I believe and try to exhibit a total instant art for effect world view on playing poker.

I find that if my external existence has been good my card game becomes un-inhibited. When my mind is elsewhere due to the daily grind of living so is my poker game. As a motivational discourse, using situation-ism to help come to terms will random ‘situation’ and especially to making erratic decision.